About Me

I was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut, grew up in Beacon Falls, and attended Holy Cross High School in Waterbury. Next, I went to Waltham, Massachusetts, where I earned my undergraduate degree at Brandeis University. It was there that I began to report for the campus newspaper and learn from several expert journalists in the Boston area. My internship at Boston.com during my senior year introduced me to digital journalism and set the foundation for my career in the field.

After Brandeis, I enrolled in Quinnipiac University’s graduate journalism program and worked as an online marketing and retail associate for a New Haven lighting distributor. In March 2008, I began my career in earnest as a homepage producer for Courant.com. I graduated with an M.S. in Journalism in May 2009, and I remained at The Courant until 2014, when I moved to Atlanta to work for Penton Media as that company’s Engagement Director.

In 2015, I became a co-owner and founder of MyMobileLyfe, a digital content creation company with a focus on the mobile viewer. Entrepreneurship has been challenging and rewarding, and the experience I have gained from starting a business has certainly benefited me professionally and personally.

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